VoIP is a great office phone solution for a small business.

It’s an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as IP telephony. VoIP is simply a phone system that makes and receives telephone calls using your internet connection. As demand for VoIP services is growing, more businesses are turning to hosted PBX solutions to provide the phone system and all the benefits of a VoIP system without the cost. Hosted PBX provides all the functionality and reliability of a dedicated PBX provider, at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re considering switching to a VOIP phone service, it’s likely that you’ve been overwhelmed with the wide range of options available. You probably know that you must select a reliable VOIP provider, one that meets or exceeds your organization’s anticipated needs. In addition, you’ll probably have a particular area of expertise in mind. Whether it’s cost savings, scalability, ease of deployment, or a combination of features, your VoIP provider should be able to accommodate your needs.

The benefits of a VoIP phone system go far beyond cost savings.

With a voice over IP system, users can take their communications one step further by being able to reach people around the world for a fraction of the price. Switching to an AVaya VoIP system allows your employees to connect to any broadband internet connection and instantly make and receive conference calls at significantly reduced rates. If you’re looking for an affordable VoIP provider, avaya is arguably one of the best choices on the market today. Many businesses have found that choosing away for their VoIP phone system has paid off large dividends.

Another aspect of VoIP that many businesses find attractive is the fact that their employees are not inconvenienced when making long distance calls. Unlike traditional office phone systems, VoIP utilizes the same lines, circuits, and wiring as your current phone system, thereby ensuring that you have the same channels and wiring that you have currently. This means that your existing phones are compatible with the new VoIP systems you purchase, so no costly upgrades are required. In addition, operating a VoIP system ensures that you maintain the same level of customer service you currently provide. Instead of having to wait for busy or slow connections, you can get right to your customers immediately with no added waiting time.

VoIP has been shown to reduce call center expenses.

A large call center makes up a significant portion of overall operating expenses for most businesses, so improving communication speeds can really pay off in the long run. In particular, an improvement in the speed at which your employees can connect to your office network can save up to 30 percent on call center operations, thereby saving money on travel and product manufacturing costs. By permitting employees to use their regular computer to connect to the internet connection rather than relying on a slow dial-up connection, your call center will be able to provide customers with faster answers and improved services. So even if your internet connection is not fast enough to connect VoIP phone system, it may still improve your call center by allowing employees to use the internet to streamline communications.

In order to switch your business from a traditional tax system to a VoIP based phone system, there are a few steps you will need to take. First, you will need to select an appropriate VoIP provider. For many companies, this process will include contacting an avaya professional who can help guide you through the selection process and ensure that your unique requirements are met. When searching for an appropriate provider, consider the following features:

In order to utilize voip, you must have an internet connection capable of receiving and sending audio and video signals. Because it utilizes your existing phone systems, your office phone system should also be able to accept voice and data messages. Additionally, some businesses utilize VoIP service in addition to their normal PBX lines. VoIP Phone Service provides the capability for multiple lines to be connected to the same IP network at the same time. This enables businesses to place all their phone lines on the internet, which improves scalability and allows them to create virtual lines or “virtual pbx’s.”

In addition to meeting the specific needs of your particular business, selecting a VoIP provider will allow you to enjoy cost savings as well as increased productivity. Switching your business from a traditional Pbx to a VoIP based business phone system is a great way to reduce expenses while increasing service and functionality.

  • The availability of digital options has enabled many businesses to eliminate their old Pbx service and move their calls over to a more cost effective solution.
  • By allowing employees to take their regularly held telephone calls over the internet, they can perform their job more effectively and more efficiently.
  • Businesses that have implemented this new technology have reported significant decreases in call wait times, higher levels of productivity and overall better employee relations.

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