Most Anticipated Video Games of 2020

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New Decade, New Games

There’s a long list of the most anticipated video games of the next few years, but only a few actually take the forecourt. So, here’s our top ten to look forward to in the next few years:

For a console-centric gamer who always wants more power and control, a new Nintendo console is the best bet. Nintendo has been the champion of gaming-everything from classic RPGs to e-Sports and, of course, video games. A Nintendo console is a must have for any serious video gamer, but the Wii is the standout in the line up. It’s light years ahead of the competition, with a built-in GameCube, a large selection of games, and, well, everything else.

  • So, we’re getting away from the little plastic games and into the realm of the giant digital ones. I’m talking about real-time strategy (RTS) games. Not, what you’re thinking. These are all set in a grand fantasy world where armies and castles are at stake.
  • We’ve had word that Sony is planning to move into the console arena with a PlayStation 5. Expectations are high because of the new Nintendo Wii and the newer Xbox consoles coming out. The PlayStation 4 may also be upgraded in the future. Although they’ve produced some quality games on the original PlayStation, the PS3 is still a few years ahead of the other two.
  • What about electronic toys? They’ve caught the eye of parents as well as kids. Many would like to see digital video game versions of Pokemon, Barbie, and the Play Station, to name a few. Not to mention the hot fantasy RPG game properties.
  • There are many top tens that should be considered, but we have a few of our own for the top ten. The biggest winner would have to be the hottest new game of 2020, Call of Duty: Black Ops. This game is done in a limited-edition 4.5 million unit figure and is available only on the next Black Ops game box. No one else has seen the box, and so the scarcity and demand are substantial.
  • Another one that should be in the top ten is a racing game called “Lara Croft: Guardian of Light”. It was first released for PlayStation 3, but now the game is being ported to Windows and Xbox 360. With a game like this, it can’t be held back much longer. A lot of people have been waiting patiently for this game, so it won’t be too long before everyone wants a copy.
  • Here’s another couple of games we’d consider for the top ten. Those games include the third installment of the “Tomb Raider” series and the next installment of Microsoft’s “Fable”. And, if that doesn’t get your interest in a new game, check out the indie hit of 2020, “Crusader Kings 2”.
  • So, it’s easy to see why Nintendo is at the top of our list. We all know how much they love to compete with their rivals, and it seems to show in the way they release games and hardware.

But, remember, the top ten doesn’t come to us without a few other choices. So, if you’re really looking for something good, look around a bit.

So, as you can see, you should expect plenty of exciting surprises in the next few years, and not just for the most anticipated video games of 2020. So go ahead and have a blast and never look back.

More Ancticipated Games of 2020

The most anticipated games of 2020 are the ones that are related to fantasy. This is a new trend in the gaming industry that has gained popularity in recent years. The interesting thing about fantasy games is that they allow gamers to be completely immersed in a story, setting and characters.

Fantasy games have a very wide range of games based on fantasy characters like elves, dragons, zombies, super heroes, wizards, etc. As people become more adventurous and enter into more adventurous and sometimes dangerous games, they tend to choose fantasy based games more. There are different types of fantasy games available out there and some of them are very much exciting for players to play. They provide excitement for players to play a game even after playing all their games for several days.

In the game of Dungeons and Dragons, the player is challenged to seek the ultimate power of the story. The player needs to slay many monsters, and only when he becomes victorious can he take the quest of gaining that ultimate power. Dungeons and Dragons are one of the most awaited games of 2020 and it also includes several other RPG games. The next year is the best time to play games related to Dungeons and Dragons as the latest release of the game is due in September of this year.

Xbox is another great gaming platform, which has been in vogue ever since the release of the Xbox console. The Xbox console can be used to play a wide variety of games including all sorts of RPGs. The Xbox one is also equipped with gaming apps like an iphone app. This is a very good platform to play games that are not available in the other gaming platforms.

Some games are not made for the real life only. In such games, the player is an adventurer who can join the army or fight the enemies, rather than just working as a regular person. Such games are the most awaited games of 2020 and these are also suitable for people who are busy working. Games such as these usually demand good Internet connection to be played.

Games are also planned according to the age group and the other requirements. Games that are suitable for children are available at very affordable rates. However, players should check the gaming store on a regular basis to get the latest games for the various consoles.

As the cost of consoles go up, high ticket gaming titles are not available. Players should get into the latest games on the latest consoles to keep themselves entertained. Some of the most anticipated games of 2020 include Assassin’s Creed, NBA 2K and other similar games.

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