Estimating Your Facebook Value

Facebook is a company that I’ve been following with a keen interest over the past few months. So let’s get started on a little investigation on the first half of a word value check.

facebook valuation

So you may not have heard of Facebook, Google AdWords but you’ve certainly heard of the term ‘Search Engine’. Many companies utilise both Google and Facebook to find customers and marketing needs. This company ranks very high in the search results, mostly because of their being the number one in many of the applications such as Bing and Yahoo. In fact, they are listed in the top 1% of all search results.

Of course, there are certain values in which you should understand when you are doing a keyword search. Many of these are in a bit of a grey area but it’s worth spending a few moments to really understand the areas where your new investment of social marketing effort needs to go. Here is an overview of those.

You need to understand that because you are putting a search engine value on your website, this value depends very much on the quality of website traffic that comes to your site. This article has an introduction to keyword research that you should familiarise yourself with. They are some of the most important factors that you will need to keep in mind when calculating a value for your website traffic.

It’s important to understand that your website visitors want relevant information, they want to make purchases, so you will have to target the right keywords that are most likely to be searched by the site visitors. Some of these keywords will also be subject to the search engine’s algorithms.

Google has their algorithm that places very highly a website’s page ranking (pages that rank number one in the search results) so the more competitive your keywords are, the better it is for your website. In fact, if you optimize your website for some of the key terms that are likely to have a higher Google search engine ranking, you may find that you have a higher bounce rate, this is normally the first sign that you are out of the learning curve.

Now you can see that you can have a highly competitive website traffic, but your ROI is very poor, so, another area to investigate is the frequency of your web traffic. This comes from the fact that, Google may give your site a large amount of web traffic, but, they will then give it to you on a very low frequency.

However, if you focus your SEO efforts on promoting your website on Google, it’s possible to achieve some of the highest possible web traffic that you can possibly get. This will involve testing your links, building backlinks and coming up with an overall campaign that will promote your site and gain you lots of web traffic.

You can also calculate your overall cost for all of this when you take into account all of the different ways in which Google and Facebook get their search engine rankings. So it’s likely that, their web traffic is rather high and in certain areas may very well be the highest in the whole Google search results.

The real question here is what are the value of your SEO campaigns and what do you need to consider. One area to look at is the number of times your website has been ranked on the first page of Google. Google is very conservative and will rank your website on the first page, as it’s calculated by the way in which the algorithm is constructed.

This is the first time that a search engine user will see your website, so you will see a lot of exposure, but if you are very good at building backlinks, it’s likely that your ranking will improve. In fact, your value may also improve slightly.

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